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I just installed Debian from scratch.
I’ve been running the “stable” nightlies-1586 for a while before, and used a sqlite3 database.
I’ve got all of my smart playlists in my backed up songs3.db file which I still want to use.

When downloading and installing the etch .deb-package, it’s not enabled with sqlite3. It won’t run with sqlite3 in the config file.
My sqlite3 is working. And everything else. I’m getting the same error in my log, as the one in the earlier post because of the disabled sqlite3 in the .deb-package.

Is there any progress in making this package enabled with sqlite3? 🙂

I would appreciate. Else, the firefly media server is the best! I’ve become addicted to it, and I’m well used to it. Don’t know how I would make my day anymore if it suddenly got discontinued.

// Anders.