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As far as I can remember, the path to the FLAC binary is the only part of the script that I changed

# You may need to fix these paths:


The error you have seems more like a problem with MacPorts than with Firefly. I have seen similar errors all over the place after I updated MacPorts (in order to install mp3fs for mac). Unfortunately I haven’t succeeded in properly updating all the parts, so I have not been able to install mp3fs (which is great btw and works like a charm on Ubuntu).

Back to your problem, I suggest you use Firefly 1586. And make sure the version of FLAC in /opt/local/bin/flac is 1.1.2 (and not 1.2.1 – it doesn’t seem to like that). Perhaps that will automatically bring libFLAC.7.dylib into your /opt/local/lib directory. If not, I can send it to you .