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Hi Labchip,

been trying to get the flac enabled binary to work on my Mac PPC (more for interest/test than anything else as I generally stream through a slug that handles flac files happily) and all’s good up to the point of locating the mt-daapd binary in /src/. The version I find there is only 288kb (292,792 bytes) whereas I see your version was 528,980. If I swap in that new mt-daapd binary for the existing firefly binary, no great surprise then that firefly fails to start. I’ve tried compiling on both 1586 & 1696 with the same result and in both cases the mt-daapd filesize is the same.

Being a linux/*nix idiot, I’m pretty much admitting defeat but wondered if you could upload the binary & the 3 plugins again so I can try to get this cracked?

cheers, Andy