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I’m a complete n00b here. So sorry for the potentially idiotic question. I tried the search, but this was the closest I could find to an answer.

I’ve previously successfully been able to get Firefly Server to transcode FLACs to WAVs on a WinXP Pro PC. I’ve been able to access the Transcoded FLACs on all Mac and Win iTunes clients and even on FrontRow.

However, I’ve never managed to get it to do the transcoding part on a Mac. I’m running OS 10.4.11 on a PPC G4 Mac Mini. I have the latest FLAC binaries on my system (I also have Slimserver running which serves my FLACs to my SqueezeBox, and transcodes the FLACs to mp3s for remote streaming)

Could you please walk me through the steps of getting it to transcode FLACs? Could you please recommend a nightly that I could use? Does it need to be built with flac support, or simply run with some switches enabled? If it needs to be built, could you provide basic instructions?

I’d like to do this so I can access my squeezebox flac collection on AppleTV. I would also like to add my movie collection (these are currently .ISOs, but I am beginning to realize that H.264 or DivX or XviD might be the way to go). Do I need to do anything different for video support?