Reply To: Streaming from FireFly to Apple TV


@mickno wrote:

I have seen the method to enable the SSH access to the apple TV, but it uses a special kernel of the ATV and after the operation you can’t upgrade your ATV… 🙁
That’s why I would like to use the streaming functionnality of the device with FireFly server but with the current version of ATV I can’t do it or I don’t know how. But the next updage with the “rental movies” will may be allow to stream shared music!!! I hope so 🙂 unless I think that it will be in a long time in France…

Thanks, I’ll keep you informed!

The short answer is no. The appletv doesn’t want to play music from anything other than an iTunes client. The setup between the appletv and the itunes client is encrypted and not easily duplicable. And even if the secret key were discovered, apple would break it next release. So in short, apple discourages it, and so it isn’t worth pursuing.