Reply To: revision-number not incrimented when songs removed?


@leedo wrote:

Hi there,

I originally posted this in the “nightly feedback” forum, but it looks like this forum is where most bug reports are going.

I am running the latest nightly on Debian unstable (2.6.23 kernel) and everything is working great. I have been playing around with adding automatic DAAP refreshing to Rhythmbox, but from the debug output it seems that mt-daapd is not reporting a new revision-number when songs are removed from the database. Is this intentional? If so how can a client find out when songs have been removed?

Thanks for any clarification or help with this issue 🙂

I had started to work toward incremental updates, but at that point I really didn’t have enough information in the sessions to do so. So I stopped worrying about it and stopped advertising dmap.supportsupdate.

I guess I can bump the db number on a delete, but I still don’t really support the update protocol properly.