Reply To: iTunes Playlists


Hey. That may be it.

I have a slightly arcane environment (resulting from trial and error). I have a 3 PCs. One serving Firefly. This one has the iTunes library in “my music” on the c drive which knows about all the songs on an external drive and is scanned by Firefly. The other two PCs have an instance of iTunes each. Both share the iTunes library on the server but point to the songs folder on the external disc (so my kids can use their ipods and add new songs to the library easily). As a result of this I notice that there is a second library in the songs folder on the external disc.

I now have some more questions.

Should I move the main library to the song folder in the external disk and get Firefly to scan that instead?

Will that upset the iTunes library (i.e. now has the wrong paths)

How will i get Firefly to ignore the mp3s and only scan the iTunes library. Do i just remove the filetypes that are scanned.

[EDIT]. i have managed to shift my iTunes library to the same place as my songs but still cant see my playlists. In the iTunes folder there are three files

itunes library.itl
itunes library.xml
itunes music library.xml

Do I need all three? I notice that the first two have very similar file dates the third is 11 days older.