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Reply To: Ubuntu Dapper: Browser Not Finding Firefly



@wacole wrote:

Thank very much. Did all that, but no mt-daapd, either thru apt-get or Synaptics [ran that just to make sure]. I think the problem is that I’m running 6.06LTS and not 6.10. I’ve taken a stab at updating to 6.10, but ran aground and haven’t the time to tackle it again.

Bill Cole

Wow, I completely misread everything here. Sorry. If you have the dapper package that should work.

It’s possible firestarter is at issue, too.. there are instructions for configuring it here:

that might help. The “port in use” is most likely another copy of mt-daapd running. You can always try a “killall -9 mt-daapd” and try restarting it.

So perhaps reinstalling the version you had (sorry about that ), configuring firestarter, and I think that might ahve a fair shot at working.

— Ron