Reply To: Getting 401 Unauthorized from winamp


Sorry to correct you, but DAAP almost does work like that.
What you enter in the URL, is what is “requested”.
So if you enter a correct URL, a song is requested, and the server responds in streaming the song.

So you were actually quite close; But you need the right URL.
Next to that, mt-daapd scans for music. Indexes the music into a database.
Each song it encounters gets a number. An ID.

This is an example of my current song playing.
It requests the 6670th song from database number 1. (mt-daapd does not support multiple databases. Left open for future use, possibly)

What sucks about this? You don’t know which song is which number.
Agreed. That is why I created a program which generates a playlist of all the songs known by mt-daapd, including tags and songs. A RemotePlaylist, with nothing but a stream for each song. 🙂

Unless you have your own (smart) playlists, this program can be useful, since it generates a playlist of the complete database known by mt-daapd.
Look for DaapPlaylistGenerator in the Add-On Software forum.

Hope this helps.