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Still Problematic:
4. non-DRM AAC purchased from iTunes? Any unique tags here?
I want to combine this with option 3 above without lumping in the home ripped AAC.

Nope, can’t tell those apart. In fact, neither can iTunes. If you delete the “Purchased Music” playlists, there’s no way to tell again if an aac is purchased or not, as far as I know. iTunes just drops the file in a static playlist when you buy something. It’s not a smart playlist or anything.

If I was in the position that I wanted to discriminate between the two of them, I’d add grouping or comment info to do so.

BTW, iTunes can differentiate purchased DRM(protected) and purchased non DRM in the “Kind” field . wondering if there is an option like this in Firefly.

Sure. Kind is ‘Protected AAC file’. That’s “Description” in our database. But are you saying you can make a playlist in iTunes to split between purchased aac and non-purchased aac? What do the playlists look like?

— Ron