Reply To: Playlist Category Help


Thanks for the solution!!
The following are now isolated and work fine:
1. Lossless – audiophile serving
2. AAC (ripped, Itunes-protected and itunes purchased/non-drm) – iPod/mp3 player friendly
3.combo of Lossless and Protected AAC – library without dupes

Still Problematic:
4. non-DRM AAC purchased from iTunes? Any unique tags here?
I want to combine this with option 3 above without lumping in the home ripped AAC.

BTW, iTunes can differentiate purchased DRM(protected) and purchased non DRM in the “Kind” field . wondering if there is an option like this in Firefly.

Regardless, a great product and effort from you folks. I am enjoying it on my Infrant NAS![/code]