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@dirtypriest wrote:

Looking to setup a smart playlist.
I rip to Apple Lossless and then also create an AAC copy for my ipod.
I want create playlists that shows just lossless, protected, AAC , purchased.
On iTunes these categories fall under “kind”. and it works.
In Firefly there is no “Kind”, only “Type”. “Type” does not work.

Ultimately, I can avoid displaying duplicates on playlists.

Your help will be much appreciated.

This is kind of messy, but it’s partially apple’s fault and partially my fault. Here’s how it breaks down:

Protected AAC: type=m4p, codectype=mp4a, description=”Protected AAC audio file”

Regular AAC: type=m4a, codectype=mp4a, description=”AAC audio file”

Lossless AAC: type=m4a, codectype=alac, description=”AAC audio file”

The apple fault is not having a different codectype for protected aac, and my fault for not having a different description for lossless aac.

So playlist-wise:

Lossless: type=”m4a” and codectype=”alac”
Protected: type=”m4p”
AAC: type=”m4a” or type=”m4p”

— Ron