Reply To: Can’t play radio stations


@capstan wrote:

Hello, I have a Roku Soundbridge M1000 radio, and I can get it to play my music from iTunes just fine, as in all the tracks I have in the regular iTunes library. However, I can’t get it to access the iTunes radio streams. I have tried rebooting the radio. I don’t know what else to do. Any help would be much appreciated.

You mean the radio stations in the presets? Or streaming radio links from iTunes?

Do they not show up, or do they show up, but don’t do anything when you try to play them?

It wold also help to know what version of firefly you have, and what kind of machine you are running it on — windows, mac, linux, etc. And an example of a radio station url that you can’t play would also be helpful.

Short answer is that it probably should work, unless it’s a codec that the soundbridge doesn’t support. Can you play the station from iTunes? If you cut the address of the radio station in iTunes and paste it into one of the presets on the soundbridge will it play?

Also, have you tried It’s a nice web site to set up the radio stations on your device. I know that doesnt’ solve the problem, and I’d be happy to continue to troubleshoot it, but that might be a decent short-term workaround.

– Ron