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Evening folks,

I am running a Ubuntu (feisty Fawn) “Server” with all my .mp3 files on it. It runs the FireFly software. I also have “ComputerA” which is an XP box. I have a Pinnacle Soundbridge M400PX.

At the moment, all the .mp3’s are stored on the “Server” and streamed to the Soundbridge with no problems. On “ComputerA” I have iTunes (7.5) and the iTunes library points at the “Server”
Both the Soundbridge and iTunes can access all the mp3’s.

What I want to be able to do is create playlists in iTunes on “ComputerA” and have them show up on the FireFly server without having to create the playlist in 2 locations. I realise the iTunes playlists are stored in the .xml document in “ComputerA”‘s ‘My Music’ folder and have made this a shared folder.

Can I point Firefly at this shared folder and the .xml document ??

I should point out the reason for this is so the gf can use XP and iTunes to load her iPod but also create playlist on iTunes it so she can play them on the Soundbridge in the living room. She knows how to use iTunes and XP! The Ubuntu server is also in the loft.

Your help is appreciated.


Not elegantly, no. But if elegance isn’t a factor, and just plain WORKING is, there are a couple of ugly hacks.

One is to set up a samba share on the server (which you probably already have) and then set up a scheduled task on the XP box that runs a batch file every 10 minutes or something, the contents of which would be:

copy “c:documents and settingsDocumentsMy Music*xml” “\linux-boxmusic”

or whatever. Test the batch file by hand, and once you know it works, then set up the scheduled task (my computer->schedule tasks… or maybe my computer->control panel->scheduled tasks, don’t remember exactly).

The other way (which is also kind of a hack) would be to use tweakui to move your “my music” folder to the server (and then symlink the xml file to the same file name inside the mp3_dir). That way changes to the xml file would be synced to the server. That turns on the windows file syncing which is kind of yuck, but it works.

The other way is to use one of the jillions of file syncing programs that are around for windows. Don’t have experience with them, so I’ll let other speak up if they have any.

— Ron