Reply To: Failed to Load Browse Data – Any ideas?



I have made progress.

45k songs is just out of the question

With 28k songs and every tweak I can find it works OK, browsing is out of the question, you need to drop to 15k songs for that.

In order to make the whole thing family safe and easy I have created 18 presets for each of the 4 rooms the Soundbridges are in. Also created a while pile of playlists that will pull up new albums added, favourite artists, etc etc

This way no one needs to browse for anything.

A lot of the playlists are based around Grouping, for example I have labelled tracks “Lounge Acoustic Guitar” “Lounge Acoustic Piano” “Lounge Acoustic Harp””Lounge Feelin Good”. This way I can setup playlists that contain Lounge, or Acoustic or Piano just by searching Grouping.

Anyway seems to work well for us, although it does take some time to setup.

I have moved the library onto a flash stick to try and speed it up, used the sqlite3, also I have indexed, Artist, Grouping, Album and it certainly has had an effect.

Do you anticipate a version coming that will help with this?

Thanks for all your work it is seriously cool.