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@Busta123 wrote:

Hi just got Firefly 1696 running on NSLU2 with Unslung 6.10.

Tested it with 300 mp3s on the attached HDD.

Then loaded the rest of the Music lib onto it overnight, 44582 mp3s

The Pinnacle Soundbridge connects OK to the library, but whenever I try to browse anything, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer etc it returns Fail to Load Browse data….

I am running with sqllite3, Compress on, Scan set to 0

Status confirms it has added 44582 files to the library.

I am running it all on an unslung 300GB Maxtor HDD

Anyone got any ideas on what I can do to get it going again.

I am going to test it with just half as many mp3s.


This is related to the hard timeout the soundbridge has for how long it waits for the browse data to return. I expect that this will be improved in next nightlies. Failing that, there is a thread on creating indexes to speed up returns here that might be insightful.

— Ron