Reply To: Video streaming to TV suggestions?


@S80_UK wrote:

I was also looking at the Pinnacle Showcenter 200, but got the impression (maybe wrongly?) that it needed the PC application to be usable. For reasons that I can’t understand, Pinnacle don’t allow people that don’t have the product to access the user manual from their web site (a good way to limit sales… 👿 ).

Actually you don’t need that PC application. And its horrible, too.
It bogs down even a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM.

I mainly use Wizd as a server which is running happily on the same NSLU2 as firefly. At the same time, and it’s easily powerful enough to even stream HD content wirelessly to the Showcenter.

The showcenter lacks a HDMI out, and its not capable of H.264 AVC nor those ever so popular .mkv containers. It’s ok for me, but as usual, having a device which just plays everything would be nice.