Reply To: Video streaming to TV suggestions?


Some of the Mediagate boxes look interesting, MG-350HD and MG-350SHD. The MG-350SHD seems to be available via a Spanish importer and is not generally yet available in the US. Since it includes HDMI output I am thinking about that as an option to replace my Photobridge at some point. Also Mvix have some nice looking products – example MX-760HD. These and the Mediagate can use an optional internal hard disk or stream from the network.

Archos have just launched their TV+ which looks very capable, but the published specs are a bit lacking in details – probably worth waiting for a while.

I was also looking at the Pinnacle Showcenter 200, but got the impression (maybe wrongly?) that it needed the PC application to be usable. For reasons that I can’t understand, Pinnacle don’t allow people that don’t have the product to access the user manual from their web site (a good way to limit sales… 👿 ).

Then there are the Ziova players ( – they have just announced a new device, the CS-615, but it’s not yet available.

So there’s plenty to look at, but I don’t think I make any recommendations from this selection at this point in time.