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If that is truly a SERVER case that this thing uses, then the energy consumption could indeed be frightening. Those are made to support HD arrays. Good quality but not nice for your wallet in terms of energy. Maybe you should check it once. A consumer grade watt meter is available at many electronic shops or “self-made home improvement” stores for house owners rather cheaply around 15-20 bucks.

Oh and you may have gotten it for free, but running it isnt free. It could easly burn 50 EUR/yr extra. With that a smaller unit would pay itself off within very few years. And while I can tell you a NSLU would liklely not be sufficient for your needs, some other solutions will also need only 1 computer and not 5 and be sufficient. Almost noone needs a “true server” for home usage any more. Memory and CPU power is abundant for server applications nowadays.

32MB and that processor looks like roughtly comparable to a NSLU. That is to say good for a mt-daapd-NAS but a bit slow for most other stuff.
Pricing similar to a NSLU. Software delivered with it I read not much good over, so likely very comparable to a NSLU. I would prefer a NSLU for the broader user community likely, but looks all rather similar otherwise. Just the HD is built in instead USB click on.