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@mas wrote:

Any idea of the energy consumption of a Buffalo with a 2.5” and with a 3.5” disk, idle/active?

Considering energy costs ranging 15-25 ct/kWh thats something to also consider.

Example calculation:
A device using 20W constantly throughout 1 year will consume 175 kWh total electricity. Thats 35 EUR/year assuming 20 ct/kWh.

A very low energy device using only 10W would cost you only 18 EUR and a PC with 60W almost 100 bucks.

Not to speak of CO2 balance and other problems with energy consumption.

Since the hard drive within the Linkstation is not directly accessible (or it least wasn’t intended to be), I’ve not found any information on power consumption of a Linkstation with alternative drive configurations. However, I did learn that the Linkstation does not support drive spin down, so within that 17w of power consumption is an opportunity for savings. I’m surprised that Buffalo hasn’t baked that in. Perhaps with a new version of the firmware it will be made available.