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Reply To: Hardware platform overview mt-daapd



I am pretty happy running svn1696 on a WD MyBook World Edition.
The drive is pretty silent and spins automatically down if not used (saving some energy consumption). At idle times it should consume about ~10 watts.

I have no idea if the processor can be compared to NSLUG standards but the WD is using an OMAP850 – 200 MHz ARM926EJ-S (also found in some phones if I am correct here 🙄 ).

The WD MyBook World Edition comes in 500Gb, 750Gb, 1TB
The WD World Edition II comes in 1Tb, 1.5Tb, 2Tb and supports RAID0 and 1.
Both drives comes with a Gigabit. Eth, so streaming HD movies and should be noproblems.

Hacking the drive is very simple (installing a hacked firmware wil enable SSH), and takes about 2 minutes (incl. 1 minute to read the instructions 😀 ).