Reply To: Hardware platform overview mt-daapd


Infrant (Netgear) ReadyNAS 1100/NV+/Duo: Price varies depending upon version + number & size of hard drives.
NV+ with 2x500GB or 4x250GB drives is US$1100 (~750 Euro) direct from Netgear. Prices increase from there. Can’t find pricing on the Duo yet.

Version 4 firmware has Firefly svn-1676 with memory leak fixes from svn-1696 preinstalled.
Some functionality has been removed (e.g. it will only transcode FLAC).

Infrant have released an *SSH access to root* add-on, *APT* add-on, cross compiler tools, etc so that others can develop software to run on the NAS. No hacking required to gain access.

CPU is a custom RISC based chip, RAM is upgradable from the standard 256MB to 1GB (SODIMM form factor), Drives are configured as a Raid array, extra drives can be added at a later date without having to recreate the raid volume (x-raid only)

Only hassle is the price 🙁