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“search for shared libraries” is enabled


– Does it show the loaded modules in the web status page? No

– Does it show rsp and out-daap loaded? No

Did you upgrade from the stable (0.2.4) version? I didn’t have to.

And if so, did you let the ipkg overwrite the existing config? If not, try re-installing (with –force if necessary) and let it overwrite the config, then edit it to taste. Ok, I did a reinstallation and edited my config file

Failing all that… are the client and server separated by wireless? Does your wireless router have any configuration to enable IGMP or multicast (or even maybe upnp)? Upnp is enabled on my router, I got wireless

The config missing the entries to load the plugins What plugins do you mean? and the wireless dropping multicast I supose it’s not that are the most reasonable things I can think of that might be wrong.

So, resuming, I guess my plugin question might be important here. Could you please answer that. Thanks for your response!