@Oxborough wrote:

I have been using a Soundbridge Homemusic for the past year with no problems. I intend to purchase another unit for a different room with the intention of accessing the same music database. I have a couple of concerns/queries and would much appreciate any advice.

1. Is the firefly server software issued with the newer soundbridges, M1001, M500 compatoible with the Soundbridge HomeMusic ie. can I access the server from both devices.

2. I currently run the server on XP with service pack 2 but am likley to upgrade in the future to Vista, is the new software compatible with vista?

3. I currently run firefly 1.0 syn – 1313 – is this compatible with vista.

The safest option is to buy another Soundbridge Homemusic but of course I need to make sure that if I upgrade to vista I can still utilise.

Not sure I posted this in the correct forum
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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