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@jtbse wrote:

Well…Firefly can read an iTunes xml database directly to load his meta-data. So I think letting iTunes arrange the folders and just telling Firefly where they are would work fine.

That’s good. 🙂

My problem really is this: I tend to just potter about the house, listening to iTunes streamed from my server machine (G4 upstairs) to the hifi downstairs. If a tune comes up and I want to add some metadata to it (eg add an album name or tag it with some words) or just rearrange it in some way, I remote-desktop into the machine and mess with the data in iTunes. Ideally it would be nice to be able to connect to a music server just by using iTunes alone and be able to manipulate that library as if it belonged to the client machine.

What I’m really looking for is “Vaporware” in a way 😉 I want “iTunes Server”, the ability to launch iTunes, connect to a shared library using an admin username and password and then to have complete control over that library.

Still, that’s not to say that Firefly may be a slight improvement on what I have at the moment in terms of pointlessly large amounts of processor power. 😉 I know I have been able to get iTunes to point to its own library over a network, it just unnerves me that’s all. The library file it relies on is ridiculously big (in my case about 20MB), and I’d be too worried about having a power outage or losing network connection and screwing up my lovely library. With all the best backups in place, this is still a rather daunting issue to have to sort out.