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@jowie wrote:

No that’s okay – I could do that, but only if it’s possible to set up Firefly to arrange its folders in the same way iTunes does. If it doesn’t then it’s probably no good. 🙁

Well…Firefly can read an iTunes xml database directly to load his meta-data. So I think letting iTunes arrange the folders and just telling Firefly where they are would work fine.

@jowie wrote:

iTunes aside, what do all you Firefly users use to manage your music libraries?

Being more of a Windoze/Linux person, I run Firefly on an unslung NSLU2 that that has two USB disks attached. Firefly’s primary purpose in my setup is to stream to two Roku SoundBridges that I have in the house. The music library as available as a Samba share to Windows clients. I use several apps for working with my music files….dbPoweramp for ripping and encoding. MP3Tag for tagging, and Winamp for organizing, sometimes playing, and iPod synching. I could do all of this with Winamp, but the other apps are a bit more robust for those tasks.