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@jowie wrote:

I’m a little confused though, from the sounds of it all Firefly is doing is sharing iTunes Libraries, in the same way iTunes would if it were running on a machine. Am I missing something? are correct…Firefly just presents it’s library to iTunes clients in the same way that iTunes would to other iTunes clients. It’s just DAAP sharing.

@jowie wrote:

I’m still not sure how I am supposed to edit my files from a remote machine.

Well Firefly really doesn’t enable you to do this. It’s just a music server, not a music manager. To manage your library over your LAN, it needs to be located on a network share or disk that you can access directly from the “remote” machine. Then in iTunes (assuming that’s your preferred library management application), you configure to point your “local” library to the shared location. Not being very Mac-literate, I can’t provide much more detail than that….sorry.

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