Reply To: Let’s start at the beginning… What is Firefly?


@andyg wrote:

that’s pretty much it – the thing about firefly being that you don’t have to use itunes; is multi OS compatible; handles a greater variety of different filetypes including the popular lossless FLAC format; and if you have firefly installed on a network device such as a NSLU2 or Buffalo Linkstation etc. you can leave the computer out of the equation – it doesn’t need to be on in order for firefly to serve the music.

Well that’s still pretty cool. It’d save me from having my hugely power hungry G4 Tower on when playing music.

Well if your machines can talk to each other and you can access the files in your music folder from another machine then you can use itunes or some other tag editor prog. And then have firefly rescan to pick up those changes.

Hmmm… But normally iTunes may only edit file data if it is local – or pointing at an iTunes Music Folder with the correct directory structure. Connecting to a shared iTunes music library doesn’t allow for any file editing.

In order to edit songs and ID info, I’d need to get my iTunes pointing at the Bubba for its own internal library. If then that iTunes is also looking at Bubba for the shared DAAP, I can see multiple files being accessed at the same time and possible file corruption and/or iTunes crashing. It seems a little bit messy for iTunes… 🙁

My alternative would be to get a Mac Mini as a media server, and running iTunes permanently on that. This way I’d be able to edit my music data using remote desktop. But I’d much rather a solution using Bubba, the Mac Mini solution seems a little OTT. At present though I can’t see any way of doing this…

I can’t imagine using some other app to edit my iTunes library, I do a lot of batch editing of files and using the Grouping field to tag my tracks for Smart Playlists…