Reply To: Let’s start at the beginning… What is Firefly?


I’m a little confused though, from the sounds of it all Firefly is doing is sharing iTunes Libraries, in the same way iTunes would if it were running on a machine. Am I missing something?

that’s pretty much it – the thing about firefly being that you don’t have to use itunes; is multi OS compatible; handles a greater variety of different filetypes including the popular lossless FLAC format; and if you have firefly installed on a network device such as a NSLU2 or Buffalo Linkstation etc. you can leave the computer out of the equation – it doesn’t need to be on in order for firefly to serve the music.

I’m still not sure how I am supposed to edit my files from a remote machine. If I’m just connecting to Firefly’s share through iTunes Sharing, how can I edit names and ID tags etc from a remote machine?

Well if your machines can talk to each other and you can access the files in your music folder from another machine then you can use itunes or some other tag editor prog. And then have firefly rescan to pick up those changes.