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@glaserd_prof wrote:

1) my web interface is apparently locked up (ie its greyed out) so I need to make edits directly to the conf page and some don’t want to ‘stick’ and

This one is easy: from the terminal of the mss, do something like:

# chmod 666 /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf

That should make the config file writable by the server.

2) I’m not sure how I can get remote iTunes installs to read my WMA files loaded on the MSS+.

This probably not so much. Sadly there aren’t a lot of open source wma decoders around. The simplest form of wma, there are decoders for, but most of the new formats of wma, there aren’t.

I’m assuming I can putz with these 2 issues and am more than willing however my installed nano editor isn’t running properly…it opens however any attempt to move the cursor around the file will instead deposit spurious chars or x,y coords throughout the file.

This may be a result of using the built-in windows telnet program as opposed to “putty” (google will find it), a more correct telnet/vt emulator.

I think if you use putty, you’ll find nano works fine. Still ugly and a pain to use, but at least usable.

— Ron