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@ssart wrote:

My library is 173gig, so this takes a long time during which Itunes shares properly to all PC’s until completed. Then, it is gone again.

My guess is that there is a file or something that is making it crash.

Being a headless machine, it’s tough to troubleshoot the windows home servers, but here’s generally how.

Log into the console of the server by using windows terminal services (start -> run -> mstsc). Connect tot he server using a username of administrator, and a password of whatever your home-server password is.

Once you are at the console, use notepad to edit c:program filesfirefly media servermt-daapd.conf

Change (or add, if it isn’t there) an option called “debuglevel” with a value of 5 in the [general] section.

Then, delete the songs3.db file and start the firefly server.

It will crank around, indexing the music for a while. At some point it will crash. When it does, look at the log file in c:program filesfirefly media serverfirefly.log.

Find the last song it tried to index and move it out of the way. Then start it again and repeat as necessary.

— Ron