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@Juddium wrote:

hrm, unfortunately it is still giving me random disconnects even with scan_interval set to 0. any other ideas? I know I’ve had this problem before and it managed to work itself out, but I had to shut my server down for a month and it’s been giving me this problem ever since I cranked it back up.

When it disconnects, does it disappear from itunes altogether, and then stay gone until you restart the server?

If so, then it’s that the server isn’t seeing the iTunes queries for the server location. That can be a lot of things, but the most likely are router not passing multicast traffic, or server crashing, or the mdns daemon not working right. Stuff to try:

1. Check your wireless router (if you are connecting wirelessly). Make sure any options for Multicast or IGRP or UPnP or media streaming are enabled. Update firmware if possible.

2. If you are running debian or ubuntu, try using the built-in debian or ubuntu packages (first remove the nightlies version with “apt-get remove –purge mt-daapd”, then install it with “apt-get install mt-daapd”. You’ll need to re-edit the config file).

3. Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking it. You should be allowing inbound udp to port 5353 from, and allowing outbound udp from 5353 to

Those are the most common issues.

— Ron