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@osik wrote:

Hi Ron,

i found this old thread. Compression would be a nice feature.

I know that this isn’t practicable for low memory devices.

I’d looked at the mt-daapd.conf and found also

# compress
# Whether to use gzip content-encoding when transferring playlists etc.
# This was contributed as a patch by Ciamac Moallemi just prior to the 0.2.1
# release, and as such, hasn’t gotten as much testing as other features.
# This feature should substantially speed up transfers of large databases
# and playlists.
# It will eventually default to 1, but currently it defaults to 0.
#compress = 0

but does this work? it doesn’t seem to work.

If you can add compression support it should be deactivated per default for the low memory devices but for normal servers there should be the possibility to enable it.



rsp does already, but daap doesn’t. It’s not very compressible. Once I switch to a mmapped response, it will be easier to compress the output, and I’ll turn it back on.

— Ron