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Reply To: HP MediaSmart EX 470—-Firefly not working



@rpedde wrote:

The logs look good. You *are* looking for the section on the left in the media library called shared, right? Probably have to scroll down to see it?

I assume so.

Yep—see this as to what it looks like:

@rpedde wrote:

If so, then it *has* to be a networking issue. Are your client machines separated from the server by a wireless link? If so, have you checked the admin interface on the wirless router to see that IGMP or multicast (or even upnp) is enabled?

No separation by wireless

uPnP enabled in Router Linksys BESFR41

@rpedde wrote:

Or are the clients and server on different subnets? That would make it not visible as well.

All PCs and server on same subnet:

Is the Bonjour Sevice messing up somehow???

HP hard coded Firefly and Bonjour into the WHS (Window Home Server) as an Add-In—-and you can see Firelfly in Add-Remove Programs on the server—-but not Bonjour. Yet the Bonjour service shows that it is on “automatic” and running in Services.

Here’s another tidbit

I was able to finally get to the music on the server—-but I had to map a drive to the Shared Music folder on the server.

It is now my Z: Drive on the PC I’m sitting at now…..

Once I did that—-iTunes was able to “see” that folder on the server and I was able to “Add a folder to Library” of iTunes (under the File) menu.

I guess it’s not “Shared”—but I can at least get to that music now.

Thanks for sticking with me Ron—-HP has been totally useles (which ticks me off to no end as one of the reasons I bought this HP Server is that they heavily advertised the iTunes shared capability)

Now—-having said that—-the WHS concept and execution is really VERY good….Darn thing works like a CHARM! (except for the iTunes aspect). Basically, Servers for ‘the rest of us”……

Any help and suggestions most appreciated.