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@Casao wrote:

It’s when connecting – it occurs as soon as I click on it in my iTunes.

The one you quoted came from 1696 I believe it was – the latest nightly. It spit that error out about 500 times in a 3 second period. I’ve uninstalled that and gone back to 1586 as suggested, and it spit it out only once at the end of the huge log I posted about.

I noticed one odd thing – I stopped the server and then used Add/Remove programs to uninstall. It said “Stopping Service” at the beginning of the uninstaller, which I figured was weird. I made it a point to reboot to be sure everything was cleared out of the system. I booted back up and went to install 1586 – the first thing it said was “Stopping Service” – I’m not sure if it naturally says this whether the service is running or not, but I thought it odd. I assumed that was the case before, but not as much now.

I’d absolutely love to get this working, as I’m using iTunes on my server to sync up my iPod and it can’t hold my entire library. I’d like to be able to keep the same set of music on my iPod but access it all via my laptop over Firefly – especially if I can avoid converting all of my ogg files to mp3 or another format iTunes can share.

Is it possible you can email me your songs3.db from program filesfirefly media server? ([email protected])

I’d like to be able to replicate this.


— Ron

Sending now, hope this helps.