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Reply To: SB M1001:can’t see libraries, but connects to internet radio



@sevans1965 wrote:

I mentioned trying another router, after looking a little closer I have a Netgear Wireless Switch/printserver (4 port switch). When I plug the SB into the switch (in otherwords, not using SB’s wireless card) I see the firefly server. My computer is still wireless and I’m still using my Trendnet router. With the setup described above, would the netgear switch bypass the router and communicate directly to the computer which has the firefly server on it, or is data still passing through the router?

It sounds like it would be going from the pc to the netgear to the roku. In which cast, the trendnet would be out of the equation.

So it would appear that the netgear is passing multicast, but the trendnet isn’t.

Hard to say without a good diagram or something, but that’s sure what it sounds like.

– Ron