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Reply To: SB M1001:can’t see libraries, but connects to internet radio



@sevans1965 wrote:

I would prefer to use Firefly as my server. When I hooked up my ROKU (software v3) it connected to my network just fine, connects to the internet without issue. At first it would not see any libraries (firefly or itunes library). BTY, my os is XP sp2. Reading many post, still no joy. Eventually, I was able to see the WMP library after activcating that share.

For time being, I can listen to my music via the WMP library, but I need to be streaming from my Firefly Library.

Check your wireless router, make sure you have the latest firmware. Then check to see if there are options on it to enable igmp, or multicast, or upnp.

If that fails, post the model of your wireless router, and maybe someone will have more info on how to make it route multicast.

— Ron