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Oops, forgot the technical stuff.
Running 1696 on NSLU2 with unslung. Client is either ROKU M1000 or itunes in windows. Problem of no dates showing up is same in both ROKU and iTunes.


The scanner honors “year” tags in flac/ogg, so something isn’t right there. is it version related, I wonder? Does the year show up in iTunes when you inspect a song?

In iTunes on windows, the date column is blank as well. I’ll try using somethig esle to rip a cd and see if it makes any difference.
For what it’s worth, if I cat | grep /opt/var/mt-daapd for 199, or 198, I don’t see anything that resembles a date. (and If it makes any
difference, I’m the same guy that’s asking about the various versions of sqlite as supplied by ipkg.)