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Reply To: Compilation Directories? – What does this setting do?



I can’t see to enter any file path that makes sense here. I am using iTunes 7 on a Mac to tag compilations. iTunes puts the albums under a folder called “Compilations” at the same level as the Artist.

All “Music Folders” in Firefly advanced config are set and working, but I can’t tell what to put into the “Compilation Directories” field. Does the full path go there, staring with /users/username/Music/iTunes Music/Compilations/ or does it just need /Compilations/ I can’t get anything to work so that the list of artists in the Soundbridge are consolidated. Group compilation = Yes in Firefly.

Please advise

MAC OS 10.3.9
Firefly svn-1359
iTunes 7.5
Roku SB 3.0