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Reply To: Problem w/ .m3u file created by MediaSmart Client(BUG FOUND)



Case sensitivity is the problem. It appears the processing of song paths in the .m3u files by the firefly server is case sensitive.

It looks like when I ripped the first CD from Tom Petty into iTunes it created the directory with a lowercase “t” on “the” (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers). So the file directory in the iTunes library on my local PC was created this way. Also, the entry in the iTunes Music Library.xml is this way.

Now, I also ripped a second CD from Tom Petty that was put in the same “Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers” directory, except the entry in the iTunes Music Library.xml has a capital “T” (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers).

So, when the HP client aggregator runs, it copied my iTunes library up to the SmartServer and created the same lower case “t” directory just like my local drive. Then when it processed the playlists from the iTunes Music Library.xml I had a song from the second CD and so it created an entry in the .m3u file that has a capital “T”. So, I ended up with a lower case “t” directory on the music share on the server but a capital “T” entry in the .m3u playlist file. So, the Firefly server can’t find the file given it’s case sensitivity.

Probably not something that HP would have been able to easily test for assuming they knew it was case sensitive. I guess HP could make sure there entries in the .m3u files match the files in the file system and not assume iTunes has it right. It also seems like it would sure be nice if the Windows version of your server was not case sensitive when processing .m3u files given that file lookups in Windows is generally not case sensitive. This would help avoid these problems. Just my limited thought on it however…

I should add that the server is working great otherwise. I do have other issues with the aggregator however…

— Bob