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Reply To: making .m3u playlists available in Soundbridge Radio



@evilripper wrote:

This sounds more like a bug to me.
I guess the scanner doesnt support URL playlists (yet?).
*looks at Ron*
Sounds like a new feature to me?

That really isn’t the way that it’s set up to work right now. The way iTunes wants to see stuff is one “media object” (url or file) per playlist item — the playlist has to be backed by a real media object. I had been doing that with .url files (and that’s still doable — making url files and making a playlist of those), but I’ve recently expanded the db schema to be able to represent media objects that don’t really exist, and are only present in the abstract inside a playlist.

I’ve also recently changed the io code so I can have different protocol handlers, so a http redirector is now possible (for client’s that don’t understand radio station urls), where it really wasn’t before.

So yeah, I have most of the infrastructure in place finally to be able to do this. I think first thing is to stabilize the quivering pile of fecund code that I’ve got first, then work toward this.

But this is something I’d like to be able to better support. Soon, soon… lemme gets something stable put together first!

— Ron