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I’m at work, trying to connect to Firefly running on my ReadyNas at home. I know there are other clients that can do this (eg Songbird via the DAAP Add-on) but I’m chasing the holy grail of Last-FM-scrobbling-from-work.
I read somewhere that the latest version of the Firefly client supports scrobbling.

Does the Firefly client work on Windows XP (SP3) for this purpose?

I downloaded the zip, extracted it and ran applet/fireflyclient.html in Firefox 3.5.

I received an error message – it looked the FireflyClient.jar file couldn’t be found, so I copied that into the applet folder.

The login box now opens, but I can only enter a name for the library – the host and port fields are disabled.

Clicking ‘Next’ gives the error “Connection problem: Unable to connect: Not Found (status=404)”. I am assuming that this is because I did not (could not) enter a host..

Any ideas?