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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



I have a strange problem with the latest java client:

There are some songs in our collection, that can only be played, when they are listed on the first position of the song list.
If they are on the second position or further down in the result list, you cannot play then.
When you try to play them, immediately the first song in the list is then automatically marked and played.

If I use iTunes or the web based “FirePlay” client and connect to the same firefly database, this problem does not exist. So I suppose it has something to do with the Firefly Java Client.

The problem is reproducable.

If you need my database or any other Info, please let me know.

Delete from playlists
and then I have from time to time the situation, that the deletion of a song from a playlist does not work. I delete with a right mouse click … the entry does not disappeare … not even after restarting the Java client. (I have a shellscript that does the deleting for me …, so no big deal.)