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@caribou wrote:

Hi every one,
I have just released a new version of FireflyClient : 0.9b

This is mainly a maintenance release based on 0.8b that mainly corrects the applet deployments problems. It has a few minor add-ons too.

Main features are :
– Enhanced applet deployments capabilities
– Genre/artist separator to manage multiple genre/artist in single tag

Here is the detailed changelog below.

Version 0.9 b
- Enhanced applet configuration
- read more in fireflyclient.html file when fireflyclient-applet(.zip or .tar.gz) has been uncompressed
- Added the possibility to set a separator for genre and artist tag
- Ex: if genre tag contains "Classical; [C]Classical; Orchestral;Symphony" and that
';' character has been set as genre separator in preferences dialog, 4 genres
are extracted for this song (the song matching the four of them:
- Classical
- [C]Classical
- Orchestral
- Symphony
Same functionnality for artist tag.
When changing separators, application must be restarted.
- Enhanced keylistener on genre, artist and album lists
- When genre, artist or album list has the focus, you can type the first letters to go to the first matching item.
- Weakly crypted passwords (library and lastfm) in configuration file (needs library saving)

As usual, any support, any remark, bug report, feature request is welcome…

The genre/artist separator feature answer the Statto2 post :

If you read me, Pacbarnabe, I tried to add an hidden option to customize read buffer size, but I’m not sure that it will do the trick. Nevermind, you can try it. You just have to edit the XML configuration file (config.xml) and change/add the following property “4”. The default size is 4 (in kilobytes). You might try to increase this value. Do not put too high values as I noticed that the app was consumming a lot of CPU in that case. Try and find the value that might suit you if it makes any difference!

I’ll make a dedicated post for applet configuration.

— caribou

Hi Caribou,

Sorry to answer so late.
I have tested the read buffer size option ( values from 4KB to 512KB ) but i still have the problem.
Fireflyclient stop after a few seconds.