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Hi guys,

Here I am back from holidays. I’ll try to answer your questions in this post :

@w1ll14m wrote:

That ignore extension is a nice one! 🙂
I let mt-daapd also index my video’s because i created a browser thingy in php + extjs 😉
but when i use fireflyclient i want to play only supported files.
Maybe it’s possible to block video extensions by default ?

I’ll disable those extensions by default in next version (someone may post most common video extensions to disable so that I don’t forget any important)
@[email protected]@n wrote:

Any progress on the windows mobile version Caribou ?

After deeper investigation, I’m afraid this is not really possible (at least without a big amount of work). Indeed, the existing java code of Firefly Client and used external libraries are not supported on Java For Mobile. I’m afraid I won’t access this request of porting the application on Windows Mobile. Sorry, [email protected]@n.
@shawnr13 wrote:

Request for settings to make Firefly Client portable.

@[email protected]@n wrote:

Making this applet portable would be nice indeed ….

@removablebrain wrote:

I think a portable or version that will write prefs to its own directory would be a great addition. Especially for those of us who run multiple servers….I also like to scrob, but don’t want the wife’s music contaminating my stats 🙂 application!

Wow, the portable version seems to be the most requested feature at this time. I’ll have a look at it and will make sure it’s part of next release if it’s possible.
@WilsonTobbe wrote:

Now as i have told my friends and family about it they want to use it as well and they also would like to have the possibillity to download songs from me. Is it possible to add downloading functinality to this client?

It is a functionnality I had thought about. I’ll try to implement it in a future version.
@jasongreen wrote:

Thanks so much for your work on this. I have run in to an odd problem, though.
There are a few tracks that will play in iTunes but not in the applet. Sometimes they just hang and sometimes they come out as all sorts of beeps. My firefly server is transcoding from FLAC to Wav on the fly. Most tracks play fine, however. Any ideas/suggestions?

You could disable flac to wav transcoding as Firefly Client supports flac format natively.

Hope this answers your questions…