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Request for settings to make Firefly Client portable.

I carry the Firefly Client on my thumbdrive as I work on many computers
during the day as I travel around the city. I would love to be able to
store all of my settings, passwords, playlists, etc on my flash drive
instead of having to redo them every time and never save for fear of
forgetting to delete the hidden folder on a client’s machine with the
address to my home server. Also, this would be to save myself from having
to download my large (2.2 MB) playlist every time I want to listen to my
music. I would like to see the .firefly folder saved to the same directory
as where the firefly client is located, as a relative path, so that it can
stay on the thumbdrive and keep all of my information safe and portable.

I already double posted this in the sourceforge feature request section.