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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



What a brilliant piece of code! Many thanks for an excellent app.

I have a need for a front end that does playlist management on the server and this looks just great for that. Most of my library is in AAC and gets played on a Roku for now but I am curious if there is there an aac codec available as a plugin somewhere? At the moment the app hung when I tried playing one of my aac tracks.

A couple of questions regarding playlist management… I rehosted all my iTunes playlists by moving my iTunes Music Library.xml file to the server which went smoothly. Is there any way to make these editable? Now that they have been migrated I would like to manipulate them as a regular playlist but they are all read only. Can this be enabled by simply changing the playlist-type from type 3 to type 0 or is it more involved than that?

Is it possible yet to create a smart playlist from FireFlyClient?