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@keror0 wrote:

However, applet version of the client player only shown up in the browser correctly the VERY FIRST time. When attempt to reload and close Firefox and reload the applet it shown up as follow, also tried with IE 6 with the same result.

Hi keror0,

Indeed, it is a bug inherited from the normal client behaviour which reposition the window at startup. It is now corrected for the applet version and it should no more happen. I have just replaced the files on It is still the 0.9b version but date timestamp has changed :
In fact, you’ll just have to replace the FireflyClient.jar file. Do not forget to purge the java plugin cache (To do that, open the Java Control Panel, click on the ‘Display’ button under the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ section and remove Firefly Client related file, especially FireflyClient.jar)

Hope this is the last serious bug 😉

— caribou