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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient




Fireflyclient.jar is just what i’m looking for, and i can use it on my laptop … But finally, i want to use it on my Htc Touch HD (windows mobile 6.1 smartphone) … I can install it, using the built-in java, but when trying to run it, it complains about several things … (at first i couln’t install either, but after adding the following lines in the file, i can go further) :
MIDlet-Name: FireflyClient
MIDlet-Version: 1.5
MIDlet-Vendor: Vendor
MIDlet-1: Fireflyclient,,net.firefly.client.gui.swing.FireflyClient

After installing it, it says “MIDLet was successfully installed! Do you want to launch the MIDlet ?”
Then it gives the following error “The MIDlet could not be instantiated : java.lang.ClassCastException”

Can someone help me getting this to work on a windows mobile os ?