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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



Thank you Caribou – more excellent bells and whistles for an already super add-on.

I don’t know if you are familiar with MediaMonkey but it has a superb way of dealing with multiple genre and multiple artists. Anything entered and separated with a semi-colon will appear in the filter (genre or artist) for ALL of the relevant entries.

For example, if genre is set to

R&B and Soul; R&B; Urban

then all three genres -i) R&B and Soul, ii) R&B, iii) Urban – will appear in the genre list and the appropriate song/album will appear if you select EITHER of the three genres.

This works the same way for the artist field.

The method really comes into its own for classical music, e.g. consider Beethoven’s 5th Symphony played by Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Karajan. In MediaMonkey I have this entered as follows:

artist field – Berlin Philharmonic; Karajan
genre field – Classical; [C]Classical; Orchestral;Symphony

(the first Classical is the main genre classification, the second is to signify the Classical period)

The beauty of this is that I can filter on either the orchestra or the conductor, or pick up the piece by selecting any of four separate genre.

I would dearly love Firefly Server to follow this multiple artist/genre approach (the composer field already makes Firefly more powerful than most media servers but it’s still weak when there is more than one artist or for other than very simple genre classifications).

Is Firefly Client dependent on Firefly Media Server altering its structure or could the client software pick up the semi-colons direct from the artist/genre fields?